Secrid Wallet Anti-theft Solution


Secrid. Industrial design and fashion come together in their pocket-sized essentials. Made in Holland with great care for quality, people and the environment. A better world starts in your pocket.


To prevent theft of Secrid wallets in physical stores, Secrid wants to protect their wallets. Because the current anti-theft tools available do not fit well with the aesthetics and brand style, a custom anti-theft solution had to be developed.
Note. As the products are still in development I am not allowed to share detailed information.


As interim Product Engineer  I worked together with a project team on the idea and concept generation of the (un)blocking mechanism. After choosing the concept direction, we detailed and engineered the design. We have made production tools and prototypes to test the solution in the Secrid Brandstore. We improved the design for better theft protection in collaboration with suppliers.


Key factors

  • Idea & concept generation
  • Innovation
  • Prototyping
  • Design for mass production (DFA/DFM)
  • Testing
  • Optimization
  • Engineering
  • Collaboration