Forensic Measurement Device


The Delft University of Technology collaborates with other parties in the field of Forensic Engineering.


To test a concept of a forensic measuring instrument, the current concept needs to be improved and properly constructed.
Note. As the project is still under development, I am not allowed to share detailed information.


The project was carried out on a project basis from my own office. During the project I was responsible for the analysis of the current concept up to and including the technical drawings required for a prototype. The design had to be well constructed to reduce measurement deviations. The device must be simple and easy to use with a limited risk of measurement errors. It was important for the detailing and materialization that the device can be easily disinfected.


Key factors

  • Analysis
  • Idea & concept generation
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Preparations for prototyping