Inspiro Product Demo Casing


Inspiro supports multiple clients as a partner in Embedded Systems & IoT


For a new technical product idea a complete demonstration setup was required, which included design of the casings, demo setup and transportation suitcase.
Note. As the product is still in development I am not allowed to share detailed information.


During this project my role was focused on the design and engineering aspects. I proposed design directions and options to the development team. After design investigations, we decided the desired directions. When the total concept was determined, we checked the design with 3D printed parts. After iteration steps and approval, I engineered and detailed the design up to production by a modelmaker.


Key factors

  • Analysis
  • Design specifications and wishes
  • Idea & concept generation
  • Innovation
  • Preparations for prototyping
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Optimization
  • Engineering
  • Collaboration