Tamper evident closure


Tri-Sure is a world leader in industrial closures and packaging components. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of containers are secured with their locking systems.


Develop a tamper evident drum closure which is easy and fast to use.


During this Industrial Design graduation project I was responsible for the project goals up to and including the concept presentation. The design specifications and wishes have been drawn up on the basis of the project goals. An analysis of existing tamper evident solutions in other markets provided inspiration for new ideas. The best ideas were selected and developed into concepts with the help of selection tools. The best concept was selected, developed and presented to the customer.


Key factors

  • Analysis
  • Design specifications and wishes
  • Idea & concept generation
  • Design for mass production
  • Presentation



Tri-Sure chose this “colored twist plug” from 12 similar projects as the number 1 solution and continued development.