Easy Open-Close Hand Prosthesis


For my graduation in mechanical engineering I found a challenging project at the Delft Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics.


Most hand prosthesis research focuses on active prostheses, which are actuated internally by e.g. an electric motor. Limited research focuses on passive hand prostheses, which are actuated externally by e.g. an object or the sound hand. However, passive hand prostheses have a high potential because they are generally lightweight and easy to use. The aim of this project was to develop a passive hand prosthesis that is highly functional for the user.


During the project I was responsible for formulating the project goals up to and including a presentation of the proven concept. A literature study into passive hand prostheses provided insight into the limitations and possibilities. I wrote the design requirements for a new passive prosthetic hand and went through the ideation and concept phase. The final design is detailed and optimized with multiple prototypes. Its mechanical function has been proven by several tests. The functionality of the prosthesis has been tested by people with healthy hands and by a potential end user.


Key factors

  • Analysis
  • Design specifications and wishes
  • Idea & concept generation
  • Innovation
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Optimization
  • Engineering
  • Presentation



This project was granted with a:

  • Cum laude graduation
  • Scientific publication. Passive prosthetic hands and tools: A literature review
  • Patent US2018296369 (A1) – Prosthetic Hand



My design of this prosthetic hand has been developed and improved by Moveable. This version is now available at www.moveable.nl.